The Verge Building is a planned 3 story, 8,400 sf retail structure located in Miami's burgeoning Design District. The project is positioned at a significant intersection, a gateway to the Design District and by virtue of its location instills a sense of excitement through the notion of arrival and departure. The architecture captures the independence of the District by distinguishing itself via its separation from the collective of connected facade centric volumes that define the neighborhood's tapestry. The Verge Building is "unhinged" and appears to expand the contract, switching the surrounding spatial context between the vacuous and compressive. 

Seeking an advantage over the diminutive lot characteristics, the building rises up and sits, perched at the fringes of North Miami avenue. The form and curvature of the facade define the swelling boundaries of the District and invites visitors to pause and then explore the full exterior limits of the site and building. Upon examination, the building's form appears to be the results of years of aeolian geomorphology that when observed from series of vantage points appear impenetrable. Yet,a  slight shift of view reveals a building that is curiously boundless. 

The materials that comprise the fabric of the building deviates conclusively between solid and transparency. There is a billowed softness of this meeting of material; between eh heave of the GFRC hexagon panels and the custom glass panels. Thus pulsing switch of transparencies fracture the daylight and sends shards of piercing light through the generous volumes. The result is an orchestrated binary of light and shadow that continually shift within the interior floor-scales.