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NW 2nd Avenue: Along this forgotten corridor of Miami, two vacant parcels await transformation, spurring development along a significant transportation route that bisects a series of diverse neighborhoods and the Design District. 

Miami Showroom

This 8,800 square feet Furniture Showroom is located on the corner of 50th Street and NW 2nd Ave in Little Haiti. Slender 12’-0” storefronts permit uninterrupted visual connections between the street and building interior. A cast in place concrete exterior shell aims to echo the materiality of the existing context and streetscape of NW 2nd Avenue. Strategically positioned facade punctuations create dynamic lighting effects on the interior space during the day and act as exterior architectural façade lighting by night. The combination of the building’s material palette and refined form, subtly imposes itself along this urban artery to create an exciting and contemporary retail building.

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The Gallery

In continuation of new design projects along the NW 2nd Avenue corridor, The Gallery project is sited a few blocks South of the Miami Showroom. It's modest footprint of 2,500 square feet aims to strike a presence in this transitional neighborhood by creating a series of delicate glazed brick veils; behind which a fragile glass cube will contain private art and sculpture collections.  This standalone gallery will effectively extend the excitement of the arts and design culture in the Design District to the residential communities of Little Haiti and Little River and encourage further growth and renewal.

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Jack in a Box

R&B is excited to announce the “Jack in a Box” project, Miami’s first true container project.  There are many approval hurdles to get through but we are confident that the right team is in place to execute a project of this complexity.  More information to come in our next newsletter.