First and foremost we are Architects. We are designers. We are artists.

We believe that architecture should be reactionary. Our investigative design process strives to unveil a responsive and singular design solution. This attitude is critical to our philosophy and defines our work.

Architecture can not be sterile or anonymous. It must provoke.

RoyalByckovas is committed to the crafting and sculpting of space that embody emotion and elicit contemplation; our agenda is to subliminally arouse the inner being.  Every building we conceive is driven by a thoroughly rigorous narrative that is continuously investigated and tested during the design process to reveal an architectural intervention that is unique in its singularity. 

For every project we commit ourselves to exploring the transformative potential of space. As an extension of our architectural agenda, furniture and lighting design allow us to explore architectural ideas and test material possibilities at smaller, more intimate scales. We will often engage material manufacturers to push the boundaries of their fabrication techniques to realize unexpected possibilities which in turn inform our design practice.

As a dynamic and young, energetic firm we recognize the need to absorb new ideas and emerging technologies to inform our design processes and success in a competitive marketplace. We have achieved a reputation for modern, innovative designs which are spurred by vigorous imagination, developed from the intellectual cross over between academia and professional practice.  

Our contemporary studio space is located in the heart of Wynwood, Miami in an area saturated with a multitude of diverse, vibrant cultures and attitudes that infuse and meld with our work that push the boundaries of experimentation and innovation.  We offer the expertise and collaborative resources of larger firms while maintaining the flexibility and attention to detail we and our clients demand.